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Vigen: AI Powered Dynamic Advert Generation

Dynamically embed text, audio or images within videos to generate unlimited variations of one video.

With Vigen you are able to build unlimited dynamic adverts by introducing variable text, audio, and video clips to target audiences with precision. With our simple to use interface, you will be able to build your next advert campaign within minutes, and adopt hyper-targeting strategies in your video media plans.

Christmas carols get butchered by AI

Computers may be replacing a whole lot of human jobs, but we don’t think they’re quite

The 10 Hottest AI And Machine Learning Startups Of 2019

AI Startup Funding In 2019 Set To Outpace Previous Year Investors just can’t get enough of

AI, Brain Augmentation And Our Identities

Do you know who you are? If so, do you direct your own actions? These are


In the event that Apollo 11 — the NASA mission that sent Neil Armstrong and Buzz

Google tackles the black box problem with Explainable AI

There is a problem with artificial intelligence. It can be amazing at churning through gigantic amounts

Artificial intelligence warning: Development of AI is comparable to nuclear bomb

Theoretically, AI could keep reprogramming and upgrading itself without human interference until it becomes more intelligent

AI helps discover new geoglyph in the Nazca Lines

Scientists from Japan have used machine learning for the first time to identify a new figure

Playing Hide-and-Seek, Machines Invent New Tools

Programmers at OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research company, recently taught a gaggle of intelligent artificial agents

Elon Musk snub: China tech expert says fears of AI ‘digital super intelligence’ are wrong

Dr Feiyu Xu, the vice president and head of the AI Laboratory at Lenovo, spoke to

Elon Musk is wrong about the AI apocalypse, China tech boss claims

Elon Musk is one of the world’s most prominent doom-mongers and fears the rise of artificial

Is it right to use AI to identify children at risk of harm?

Technology has advanced enormously in the 30 years since the introduction of the first Children Act, which

Twitter wants help with deepfakes, and Microsoft Azure will rent out new AI chips for its cloud users, and more

Roundup Here’s this week’s collection of AI-related news that we found interesting. Read on to find out

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Predict When Lightning Will Strike

Despite that old saying, lightning can—and often does—strike the same area twice. It’s detrimental to farmers

An A.I. Bot Writes a Hilarious Episode of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION

Thanks to Botnik Studios, we have a script for a new episode of Star Trek: The

Q&A: The techniques powering AI are a Monkey’s Paw – be careful

AI is at maximum hype. But the techniques powering AI are like a Monkey’s Paw: they

CU Boulder researchers pursuing role for AI in psychiatry

In the prevailing there’s-an-app-for-that culture, perhaps it should not be surprising that researchers are exploring machine

Move over, Google Translate: Here come AI earbuds

NEW YORK — Forget phrase books or even Google Translate. New translation devices are getting closer

New AI System Predicts Seizures With Near-Perfect Accuracy

For the roughly 50 million people worldwide with epilepsy, the exchange of electrical signals between cells in

How Machine Learning and AI Can Help in the Fight Against Climate Change

Climate change has emerged as the biggest threat to humanity, with devastating consequences such as extreme

Assessing ethical AI principles in defense

On October 31, the Defense Innovation Board unveiled principles for the ethical use of AI by the

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