Testing specialists Applause have debuted an AI solution promising to help tackle algorithmic bias while providing the scale of data needed for robust training. Applause has built a vast global community of testers for its app testing solution which is trusted by brands including Google, Uber, PayPal, and more. The company isContinue Reading

New York, Nov 13 (IANS) Scientists are now working to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to psychiatry, with a speech-based mobile app that can categorize a patient”s mental health status as well as or better than a human can. “We are not in any way trying to replace clinicians,” said PeterContinue Reading

BERT, Google’s latest natural language processing (NLP) algorithm, will power Google search and make it better at understanding user queries in a similar way to how humans would understand them, writes Pandu Nayak, Google fellow and vice president for Search, with one in 10 queries providing a different set of results.Continue Reading

When people listened to questions from a predetermined set and spoke a response from a group of answer options, a computer program could correctly predict the question based on their brain activity most of the time, researchers report today (July 30) in Nature Communications. The study, conducted on three people whoContinue Reading