Elon Musk is wrong about the AI apocalypse, China tech boss claims

Elon Musk is one of the world’s most prominent doom-mongers and fears the rise of artificial intelligence poses a grave risk to the future of humanity.

But a leading AI researcher at one of China’s top tech firms has said that fears about the rise of ‘digital super-intelligence’ are premature.

Dr Feiyu Xu, vice president and head of the AI Laboratory at Lenovo, spoke to a select group of journalists last week who were the first foreign reporters to be welcomed into the tech giant’s innovation and research centre in Beijing.

Elon has previously warned that AI could become an ‘immortal dictator from which we could never escape’.

He also said it was a ‘a fundamental existential risk for human civilisation’ and claimed it was more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

We asked Xu if she agreed with Elon Musk and she told us that the arrival of a super-smart machine mind is a long way away.

‘Let me put it this way: I have worked in AI for almost 30 years and experienced the ups and downs as well as a lot of promise, a lot of expectation,’ she said.

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/11/18/elon-musk-wrong-ai-apocalypse-china-tech-bosses-claim-11174707/?ito=cbshare

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