How Machine Learning and AI Can Help in the Fight Against Climate Change

Climate change has emerged as the biggest threat to humanity, with devastating consequences such as extreme weather events, climate migration, and a sharp decline in biodiversity. While the brunt of climate action is shouldered by green parties and public activists like the young Greta Thunberg, in recent years many industries have stepped up innovation to try and do their bit.

The informatics industry in particular has been flexing its R&D muscle to propose bleeding-edge solutions. A recent paper published by a group of high-profile AI experts and IT professionals explores the potential that can be found “at the nexus of climate change and machine learning”.

Headed by David Rolnick, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, the paper puts a spotlight on “high-impact opportunities for real-world change” present in such ML fields as artificial intelligence, computer vision, unsupervised learning, and more.

Elsewhere in the industry, a number of digital giants and startups are already implementing their own twists on machine learning-driven solutions for climate change prevention and mitigation.

Let’s examine the three main benefits that ML and its derivatives can offer to the organizations fighting for the future of our planet.

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